Zonk Dice Game Rules

The objective of the game is to score points and Bong Hits. The game is played with 6 six-sided dice of three different colors (red, green and white).

Each player starts with rolling 6 dice. After each roll player is required to set aside at least one or more scoring dice. After each roll player has to decide to either bank the points accumulated in that turn, or continue rolling remaining dice. If player has scored all 6 dice (hot dice), he can again roll 6 dice and accumulate points for the turn. The player must have at least one scoring dice in each roll, otherwise he zonks and loses all points accumulated for the turn. It has no impact on points accumulated in the previous turns.

Player is required to open his score with a minimum of 500 points. Once player has opened his score, for subsequent turns he can stop his turn any time provided he has either score a minimum of 300 points for the turn or has scored from at least 4 dice out of 6.

Once a player has decided to end his turn or has zonked, turn is passed to the next player, who plays according to the same rules.

The points are scored as per following table.

Category Score
Each 1 100
Each 5 50
Three 1s 1000
Three 2s 200
Three 3s 300
Three 4s 400
Three 5s 500
Three 6s 600
Straight (1-2-3-4-5-6) 1500

Player can score by using ones, fives or three of a kind of any number. If player scores four or five of a kind, only three dice values can be used to score. If player scores six of a kind, it is treated as double of three of a kind.

Scores are only calculated for a set of dice being set aside after each roll. It does not count dice which were set aside in previous rolls and have already been scored. For ex., if a player gets a 1 and sets it aside scoring 100 and gets two 1s in the next roll and sets it aside, it will only score 200 and not 1000 for three 1s so the total score would be 300.

The first player to score 10000 points (or whatever winning score was decided among players) wins the game.

  • Getting in the Game - 1 Bong Hit when a player opens his score with 500+ points.
  • Scoring over 1000 points in a single turn - 1 Bong Hit. This Bong Hit is not lost even if player loses turn by zonking. Player earns one Bong Hit for each multiple of 1000 scored in one turn so if player scores 2000 in a single turn, he earns 2 Bong Hits.
  • Colors (three-of-a-kind in 3 different colors) - 1 Bong Hit for each such roll. If player zonks in the same turn, he loses this Bong Hit.
  • Train wreck (rolling a Zonk with all 6 dice) - 1 Bong Hit.
  • Three Zonks in a row (with no Bong Hits on the first two Zonks) - 1 Bong Hit.
  • Straight - 1 Bong Hit. If player zonks in the same turn, he loses this Bong Hit.
  • "Slim Pickin's" (when all 6 dice are played one at a time, which means player rolled six times to score and they are all 1s or 5s) - 1 Bong Hit for each such occurance. To earn this Bong Hit, player much continue rolling and should not zonk in the same turn.
  • First person to score over 5000 - 1 Bong Hit.
  • The winner earns 1 Bong Hit.
  • (Optional) - The person with the fewest Bong Hits can earn 1 Bong Hit at the end of the game.

Credit: Zonk the Game