Solitaire Dice

Solitaire Dice game was designed by Sid Sackson and described in his book A Gamut of Games. The game is played with 5 six-sided dice. The objective is to score most points possible.

How to play: Roll 5 dice and group 4 of them in to 2 pairs. Mark sum of each pair on the scorecard containing dice sum from 2 through 12.

Remaining one die is the throwaway dice which is marked separately. The player can choose up to 3 throwaway dice in the game. The game ends as soon as one throwaway die is marked 8 times.

Free Ride: Once 3 throaway dice have been marked, the player must divide his/her dice so that he/she marks one of them as a throwaway die. The only exception is when the rolled dice does not include any of the 3 marked throwaway dice. For example, if the player rolls 1 2 2 3 3 and has marked the throwaway dice 4, 5, and 6 then the player scores as usual and can throw any die of his/her choice. This is called a "free ride".

Scoring: Sum total of each pair can scored as following

Sum2, 123, 114, 105, 96, 87

Scoring is done in a very specific way. First 4 marks of each sum is scored as -200, 5th mark is scored as 0 and the points in the above table can be scored only from the 6th mark onwards. Marks after 10 are not added to the score.

Reference: Solitaire Dice Rules