Push Your Luck Game Rules

How to Play Push Your Luck


Push Your Luck game is played between 2 players with aim to reach to the top of 3 columns in an octagonal board containing 12 numbered columns. The game is played with 4 six-sided dice. The game play of Push Your Luck is inspired from another classic dice game Can't Stop invented by Sid Sackson but uses different rules for game play.


Push Your Luck board contains 12 numbered columns from 2 through 12. Each column has different number of points which are to be traversed to reach to the top of that column. Column numbers denote all possible combinations from a roll of two dice. Players are required to take three columns each which is decided by dice roll and then move up in their columns to reach to the top.

First Turn

In order to decide which player goes first, at the start both players roll one die each and the player rolling higher number starts first. If they roll the same number, they roll again and again until both players have rolled different numbers.

Subsequent Turns

Each player on his turn rolls four dice and then divides it in two groups. The total pips count of each group is then played. Initially player has 3 markers outside of the board which are required to be placed at the numbered columns matching total of any of the two dice groups. Player can only take a column if it is not already taken by another player. When all markers are outside of the board, player must put it on a column on his turn if it is possible to do so (not occupied by another player). After all markers are placed in the board, player can again roll dice.

Player can roll dice as many times as he wants provided after each roll he can make at least one move otherwise he loses all progress made in that turn (known as 'going bust') and markers are returned to the original position which was at the start of the turn. If player decides to stop, then he marks all progess made in the turn and passes turn to the next player.

The first player to reach to the top of 3 columns wins the game.