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Die 1
Die 2
Die 3
Die 4
Die 5
Die 6
Points Power Score
Upper Score Bonus
Two Pairs
Three of a kind (1st)
Three of a kind (2nd)
Four of a kind (1st)
Four of a kind (2nd)
Full House
Small Straight (1st)
Small Straight (2nd)
Large Straight (1st)
Large Straight (2nd)
Yatzee (1st)
Yatzee (2nd)
Yatzee (3rd)
Lower Score
Grand Total

Power Yatzee Solitaire Dice Game

Power Yatzee ia played similar to other Yacht family of games such as Yahtzee or Yatzy. The game has a special sixth die which is rolled similar to other 5 dice (upto 3 times). This die is called Power die. Power die has following 6 faces with special rule for each face
  • 3 sides numbered x1, x2, x3 - Multiplier for combination scored with other 5 dice. Score for selected combination is multiplied by 1 if x1 is rolled, 2 if x2 is rolled and 3 if x3 is rolled.
  • Double (marked as D) - You must score in two slots and score of each slot is multiplied by 2.
  • Freeze (marked as F) - You must score immediately if Freeze is rolled.No further rolls are allowed. The multiplier for Freeze is 1.
  • Power (marked as P) - You earn a 4th roll if you keep it. The multiplier for Power is always 3.

Some changes from standard Yacht games are as following

  • In upper section an additional choice slot is available which can be used to score for any one number (which generally is highest scoring number for current roll).
  • Lower section has Two Pairs category
  • Some of the categories can be scored twice (Refer to game scorecard).
  • Three Yatzees - Max 3 Yatzees can be scored. 1st non-zero Yatzee is worth 50 points, 2nd is 100 and 3rd is 150 points.
  • Bonus in upper section is 50 for 150+ score, 100 for 200+ score and 200 for 300+ score.
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