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How to Play Numberama

A simple and addictive game of numbers which requires the player to remove numbers in pairs. The game is also known as Ten Pair, Take Ten, 10 Seeds, Digits. A pair can be removed if either the two digits are same or, the sum of the two digits is 10 and those two numbers are placed next to each other horizontally or vertically. If two numbers are not consecutive and other numbers between them have been removed, then also it is considered a valid pair. The numbers in the grid are sequenced from left to right, top to bottom. The two game modes are

  • 1-18 - The basic game in which numbers from 1 through 18 are used and arranged into a grid. The two-digit numbers are split into single digits and zero is ignored.
  • 1-19 - Same as the 1-18 game except that 19 is added while creating the initial grid.

Once all digits in a row are removed, it is automatically cleared. Once player has removed all matching pairs, he/she can click on "Check" which will add remaining digits to the end of the grid. The game is won when all digits are cleared from the grid.