Mexican Train Dominoes Rules

How to Play Mexican Train Dominoes


Mexican Train Dominoes is related to Chicken Foot Dominoes game and can be played by 2 or more players with aim to score lowest points at the end of all rounds. The game can be played with any of the domino sets such as double-six, double-nine, double-twelve etc.


Domino Set: Double-nine dominoes
The game is played in rounds. Each round starts with a double. The game played with double-nine domino set has 10 rounds. The double domino required to start a round is taken out at the beginning of the round and placed at the center. In first round 9-9 is set aside. Remaining domino tiles (also called bones) are shuffled and each player is dealt 10 tiles in four player game. Remaining tiles are kept in the boneyard and can be drawn later on in the game. Each player has a personal train which they own and can play their tiles on it anytime. There is one additional special train (Mexican Train) which can be used by any player to place a tile.

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