Knucklebones Dice

How to Play Knucklebones Dice Game


Knucklebones is a minigame from the videogame "Cult of the Lamb". This is basically a game of risk vs reward.


  • Each player takes turn rolling a die.
  • The player can place his/her rolled die anywhere in the grid if it is not already occupied.
  • Score in each column is calculated by adding up the faces of the dice. Placing the same value die multiple times in the same column will lead to a score multiplier for that die. 1x for singe die, 4x for 2 dice and 9x for 3 dice. Total score is the sum of all columns added together.
  • By placing a dice in a colmun, the player also attacks any matching die on the opponent side of the board in the same column and removes it from the opponent column.
  • The game ends as soon as one of the boards is filled and the player with the highest score wins.