KenKen Puzzle

KenKen is a sudoku like puzzle which involves basic maths for solving the puzzle. The aim is to fill in the whole grid with numbers while making sure no number is repeated in any row or column.

The grid is divided into multiple cages and there are clues to solve each cage. Each clue is a numeric value along with one operator. The cells in that cage can be filled by the numbers which, when applying the operator in the clue, will be calculated to the numeric value of the clue. For example, in a cage of 3 cells, if the clue is "5+", then the 3 cells can be only filled with 1, 2 and 3 which will result in a total of 5 by applying plus operator on the numbers.

The basic maths operator used in the clues are addition(+), substraction(-), multiplication(x) and division(÷).

If there is a cage containing only one cell, then there will be no operator and that cell will be filled by the number displayed in the clue.

How to play: By default puzzle option is selected at the top. Select a sqaure in the grid and then click one of the number options to fill it. One additional option is there for clearing a square. You can also use numeric keys in the keyboard for number input and DEL key for clearing a square.

The other two options at the top are to add notes in a square. One for possible options for a square (in green text), and second for the possible exclusions for the square (in red text).