Grand Dice Chess

How to Play Grand Dice Chess

Grand Dice Chess is a 2-player game invented by Vadrya Pokshtya.

The game uses a 12x12 board. Each player starts with the given setup containing 4 Kings, 24 Pawns, 8 Knights, 8 Bishops, 8 Rooks, 4 Queens.

The game is played by rolling 4 dice and moving the pieces accordingly.
White starts the game and then players alternate turn.

Pieces can be moved according to the rolled dice value as following
1 = Pawn, 2 = Knight, 3 = Bishop, 4 = Rook, 5 = Queen and 6 = King
Grand Dice Chess Initial Setup

In each turn, the player can make one or more moves (up to 4 moves) based on the dice values. If the player rolls a 1, he/she must make a pawn move so pawn moves are mandatory. All other moves are optional. Pawn moves are optional only when all pawns are blocked and no move can be made.

All pieces are moved on the board according to the regular chess rules of move and capture. The only minor exception is for a pawn which is not allowed to move forward two squares from its starting position. Upon reaching the last rank, the pawn can be promoted to any piece except the king and itself. There is no castling, check and checkmate in the game.

The goal of the game is to capture four enemy kings.