Domino Pyramid Solitaire Game Rules

How to Play Domino Pyramid Solitaire Game


Domino Pyramid Solitaire is a version of Pyramid Solitaire cards game which is played with dominoes in stead of cards. The objective of the game is to remove all dominoes from the board by matching it in pairs for a total of 12.


All dominoes of a double-six domino sets are arranged face-down in a pyramid shape. Dominoes in the top and bottom rows of the pyramid are turned face-up. Player removes the dominoes in pairs if total pip count of the pair is equal to 12. If any of the top or bottom side of a domino gets uncovered after removal of dominoes covering it then it is turned face-up in case it was face-down. Corner dominoes have only one domino covering it on top where as dominoes in the middle have two dominoes covering it on top as well as bottom side.

The game is won if all dominoes can be matched and removed.