Generate Diceware Passphrase

Roll dice to choose easy to remember words, generate multiple words and join them to create a passphrase.
Die 1
Die 2
Die 3
Die 4
Die 5
- How long should the passphrase be?

The recommendadtion is use at least 6 or more words.

- Can someone break my password if they know I am using Diceware Word List?

The Diceware word list uses 7776 words, so for a five-word passphrase, there are 7776**5 (7776x 7776 x 7776 x 7776 x 7776) combinations which is a huge number of possibilities to match with.

- How can I remember my passphrase?

The idea is to know the meaning of each word you choose and make some kind of sentence or sequence of the words that may only make sense to you.

- Other tricks?

Passphrase words can be separated by space or simply concatenated. You can also use some special character while concatenating the words. Also, try adding a random sequence of characters at the end of the passphrase for added protection.

What is Diceware

Diceware passwords are generated by rolling a set of five dice together generating a five digit number which translates to a corresponding word or sequence of characters from a predefined list. Users can roll dice multiple times to generate multiple words and choose easy to remember words generated randomly from the dice roll. These words can then simply be concatenated or used as separated by spaces. Its recommended to use at least six or more words for better security.

For more information on Diceware, refer to wikipedia.

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