Dice Wars

How to Play Dice Wars

Dice Wars is a turn-based dice strategy game built by GameDesign (a Japanese Game Studio). The aim is to capture enemy territories by rolling a set of dice and eliminating your enemies.

  • You can play against up to 7 bot opponents. You always play with the violet color.
  • A territory map is randomly generated. Players take turn to roll dice and capture enemy territories.
  • On your turn simply select one of your territories having more than 1 die and then click an enemy territory adjacent to your selected territory.
  • All dice from the attacking and defending territories are rolled and the total of their pips are compared.
  • If total of the attacking territory is more than the defending territory then the defending territory is captured, all dice (minus one) from the attacking territory is moved to the defending territory and enemy dice on the defending territory are removed.
  • If total of the defending territory is greater than or equal to the attacking territory then the attacker loses all but one die for that territory.
  • You can end your turn anytime by clicking on the "End Turn" button.
  • At the end of each turn, the player is awarded bonus dice depending upon the largest number of adjoining territories of that player. The bonus dice are randomly placed on the player's territories (up to a maximum of 8 dice in a single territory).