Cacho (Alalay) Dice Game Rules

How to Play Cacho (Alalay) Dice Game


Cacho (Alalay) is a popular dice game from Bolivia sometimes called as "The Original Yahtzee". Cacho is played much like Yahtzee and has been played in Bolivia for generations much before Yahtzee was invented. The game play of Cacho is much faster and more fun. The game can be played by any number of players but a minimum of two players are required. Cacho is played with five six-sided dice.


In Cacho there are a total of 10 categories and players get upto 3 rolls to score in each category. After each roll player can set aside any number of dice and roll remaining dice.

There is a major difference in Cacho compared to Yahtzee as in Cacho after the first roll, player is required to declare a category in which he is going to score. After declaring a category, player is allowed to set aside any number of dice and then roll remaining dice. If player decides to change the category afterwards, then he must roll all five dice.

The categories in Cacho are as following

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