4-Dice Barbut Game Rules

How to Play 4-Dice Barbut Game


4-Dice Barbut is an extended version of tradional Barbut dice game from Bulgaria. While the traditional version is played with 3 dice, this one is played with 4 dice. The objective of the game is to score the winning total of 7500.


At the beginning each player throws 4 dice. After each throw player is required to set aside at least one or more scoring dice.

1 and 5 are two scoring dice. 1 is worth 100 points and 5 is worth 50 points. In addition to these two, there are certain combinations of all 4 dice which can be scored.

After each throw player has to decide to either bank the points accumulated in the particular turn, or continue throwing the dice. If a player has scored all 4 dice, they can again start with 4 dice and continue throwing and accumulating points for the turn. The player must have at least one scoring dice in each throw, otherwise they will lose their turn as well as all points accumulated in that turn. It does not affect points accumulated in the previous turns.

Once a player has decided to end his/her turn or, has lost his/her turn, the next player takes the turn to play according to the same rules.

The points are scored as per the following table.

Category Score
Each 1 100
Each 5 50
[1-1-1-1] 1000
[2-2-2-2] 200
[3-3-3-3] 300
[4-4-4-4] 400
[5-5-5-5] 500
[6-6-6-6] This is not a scoring roll. If a player rolls 6666, he/she loses all accumulated points from previous turns as well as the current turn. These points can be recovered by rolling another 6666 in any of the later turns.
[1-2-3-4] 200
[2-3-4-5] 300
[3-4-5-6] 400

Scores are only calculated for dice which are set aside after each roll. It does not count dice which were already set aside in previous rolls and have already been scored.

For ex., if a player gets 3 ones, sets it aside scoring 300, rolls last remaining die, and gets a 1, it will only score a single 100 and not 1000 for four 1s so the total score would be 400.

The first player to score 7500 points wins the game.