Aquarium Puzzle

  • Each of the separated sections on this grid represents an aquarium that may or may not need water. Aquariums can be filled completely, partially or kept empty.
  • Like in real life, water will fill an aquarium up equally across it's width. This means that if you fill water into an empty space, you must fill it in across the entire aquarium at the same level and below.
  • The numbers on the side of the grid denote the total amount of water on that horizontal line, but the amount of water can be split across as many aquariums as you'd like.

How to play: When using the default option, click a cell once to fill it with water, click second time to cross it and third time to clear. You can also enable autofill option, which will automatically fill water in all cells at one level and below it. When autocross option is enabled, it will unselect all cells at the current level and above it.